Severn Vale School - New build and Alterations

  • Multiple phased project within Severn Vale School. Works consisted of new three-storey extension, replacement glazing to main school block. Phased refurbishment of school science block. Creation of new school servery and demolition of school stage. Refurbishment of changing rooms and PE facility. Construction of new PE store. Creation of new pedestrian entrance to rear of school.
  • 85-week, phased programme, working in various areas of the school, ensuring no major disruption to the school and maintaining child safety, at all times.
  • Three storey extension, in centre of the school, proving logistical and health and safety issues.
  • Installation of new heating pipework throughout the school.
  • Weekly meetings held with school, on site management to ensure no major disruption to the school and also to ensure no logistical issues during construction.
  • Programming work to focus around school holidays, to maximise the times when no children were present.
  • Carrying out the re-roofing of the science block whilst teaching was ongoing in the building.
  • Working in a live environment for 85 weeks.