We remain attentive to working closely with local communities and in improving those communities, not only through the buildings we construct, but also through the regeneration schemes and supporting local suppliers and subcontractors where ever possible.

Our ethos of social value stems from our family ownership, and continues to underpin the philosophy of our responsible and supportive approach.

Principle activities:

Engaging with supply chain partners for local recruitment and enterprise activities

We work closely with our supply chain partners to support growth in the local economy, to inspire and achieve the long term benefits realised by recruiting and upskilling individuals.

Keeping employment local enables the local economy to prosper from local projects. This process extends from the direct employment of our project team to key partners and specialist providers where ever possible.

Community projects

Working in collaboration with councils and funding partners, we support the delivery of public building projects that are aligned to enrich the needs and growth of the local economy. We ensure all projects contribute to meeting the long term objectives of the community and future proofed for longevity.

Education engagement

Connecting with the future of tomorrow, we work closely with all levels of educational providers to support them in inspiring their pupils into fulfilling career opportunities:

  • Assisting and promoting career days
  • Providing local educational visits to project sites
  • Undertake learning initiatives such as SPLAAT
  • Conduct progress presentations
  • Provide annual work experience opportunities
  • Offer annual recruitment of apprenticeships and trainee opportunities

Charity fundraising, local and national

Selecting a local and national charity each year, we commit to support and raise funding for their individual needs. A host of events are undertaken by the company and in collaboration with our supply chain partners.

Sustainable material resourcing and recycling

We work to achieve beyond compliance environmental standards, contributing towards sustainable and environmental aware project delivery. This extends from promoting use of sustainable materials, to utilising local suppliers and monitoring our carbon impact of any given project. Re-diverting waste and reuse initiative goals are shared goal across the breadth of our activities and supplier networks.