Demolition of an existing sheltered housing scheme and the construction of 19 No houses and flats with associated drainage and external works.

  • Once the existing sheltered housing scheme was decommissioned we demolished the existing building and secured the site.
  • The site is bounded by existing flats and houses so extensive consultation was carried out to ensure that the local community was not inconvenienced during the build process.
  • Due to the lack of storage facilities on site ‘just in time’ deliveries were scheduled from local builder’s merchants based on our master construction programme.
  • Project budget and feasibility developed on an open-book basis with the project team
  • Value and risk engineering exercise carried out to maximise project potential
  • Due to proximity of existing flats and houses all traffic movements are subject to a detailed traffic management plan
  • The site was finished to exacting quality standards with plaudits given from adjoining residents regarding the considerate nature of our staff and building methodology.
  • This project was completed safely, to the highest quality, on time and within budget