The construction of a new Baptist Church following demolition of an existing building whilst retaining the foundations and slab to support the new building.

  • Following the demolition of an existing concrete frame social club the new building incorporates a large worship space suitable for congregations of up to 500 people with access to a commercial kitchen and cafe area.
  • A second worship space was incorporated to host multi-function events including smaller services, meetings, community band groups and youth groups.
  • A back hall was formed as an additional multipurpose space for use during Sunday school groups and during the week by youth groups. Ten further smaller spaces cater for Sunday school activities and general purposes such as writing painting and dance.
  • Temporary works to support existing suspended ground floor slab to enable new construction utilising existing slab.
  • Constructed with steel frame, masonry and precast flooring, the building was designed to make best use of natural light.
  • Bradstone walling stone to external facade mixed with timber cladding.
  • The specification includes a range of AV and sound systems within a secure control desk area.