Over the last 17 weeks E G Carter & Co Ltd has worked with partners Howard Tenens Limited to refurbish an existing office building to form a more modern and spacious environment for their Property Services team.

The offices based in Thrupp, Stroud needed a refurbishment in order to make the area fit for purpose after purchasing. After securing the project through competitive tender, E G Carter & Co Ltd was able to start with the M&E design which included air conditioning systems as well as the approved design of the window and doorsets. The building was refurbished internally with a new roof fitted and significant external landscaping carried out. Additional works were agreed during the project including complete removal of asbestos from floors and service voids, ducting works and terrace paving.

External works also took place in the form of an extended car parking area, repaving and resurfacing all to suit the revised use of the building.

After delivering the project on time and to budget, Dan Morris, Deputy Chairman at Howard Tenens Limited said, ‘I believe the team you had on the project was great, in particular Mark Hencher who did a fantastic job with his in-house team and sub-contractors.”

Phillip Illing, Surveyor at E G Carter & Co Ltd also said ‘The project was of a great quality; it’s a perfect example of the type of scheme the General Works team can deliver.”

The General Works team is looking to continue their relationship with Howard Tenens Limited in the near future.