E G Carter & Co Ltd remains family owned and indeed family managed. The fourth generation are establishing themselves in the business and the Carter family committed to maintaining their ownership of the Company in the long term.

Indeed, we have a vision that sees us through to 2045 (our hundredth anniversary) and beyond.

A long-term vision requires a long-term strategy. We have created a ladder of opportunity giving all of our wonderful dedicated employees the chance to fulfil all of their personal and professional ambitions with us.

As part of this ladder of opportunity we have created an Associate Director management level and are delighted to welcome Ashley Baker, Phillip Barnes, Peter Blanch, Mark Harries, Thomas Jones, Chris Nicks, Alan Pearson and Mat Vye as our first Associate Director appointments.

These new Associate Directors have a wealth of construction experience and a combined service to the Company approaching 150 years.

The Company and the fourth generation in particular, will benefit from the experience and service these new Associate Directors offer. Whilst initially they will continue to focus on their current management responsibilities, they will have the opportunity to act as ambassadors for the Company helping to guide and steer us through to 2045 and beyond.

Furthermore, as and when new Main Board Directors are required the Company will have a pool of talent ready and able to assume Main Board responsibility.